Thursday, July 12, 2012

Elk's Club on State Street in Erie, PA

Elk's Club on South Park Row and State Street. Photo by Chet Wasielewski, ©2012 Debbi Lyon.
Notice anything unusual about this picture? 
  • Cars used to travel in the opposite direction around Perry Square
  • The Elk's Club at the corner of South Park Row and State Street has been demolished
  • The Earle Hotel is no more
  • There were beautiful, tall trees in Perry Square
  • The new City Hall in Erie, PA was not yet built

The image that you see above was taken from the curb near Gannon's Old Main (the old Strong Mansion) on 6th and Peach Street looking east.

Here's a photo looking down at the Elk's Club from the Richford Arms Hotel.
Here's a shot of the Elk's Club sign from 7th and State before it was razed.

The Elk's Club is included in a list of the Top 100 Clubs in Erie in 1959.

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  1. During the 40's & 50's ( possibly earlier) The Elks sponserd an all girls Drum & Bugle Corp.
    They marched in parades all over the area. My girlfriend, Mary Alice Koch was the Drum Majorette

    Nancy Coake

  2. That red tin-can of a structure was Gannon's ROTC bldg at the time. Called Dale Hall, IIRC.