Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Top 100 Clubs in Erie, PA in 1959

Top 100 Clubs in Erie, PA in 1959 Legion, Moose, CYS, PP, PNA etc.

You've heard the expression that Erie had a bar on every corner, right? The list of clubs in Erie in 1959 was not too shabby. Can you imagine stopping at each one of these clubs on the way home from work to sign in? You'd be lucky to get home by midnight. 

You could bowl at the Polish Falcons, Siebenbuerger, St. Mary's Club and Wesleyville Athletic Club.

What was your favorite club in Erie, Pennsylvania? Favorite spot for a wedding reception? Be sure to click on the title of this post so you can leave a comment on the next page. I look forward to reading them.

Here is a list of the top 35 defunct clubs in Erie, PA: http://oldtimeerie.blogspot.com/2013/02/top-35-defunct-erie-pa-clubs.html

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  1. Cool! My dad belonged to both the Sharpshooters and the Falcons, and one of them threw a great family party every Christmas. Santa and lots of gifts for us kids! :) Went to many an event at East Erie Turners; beautiful venue. I guess it's closed now? I wonder how many of these still exist?

    I really enjoy your blog!

  2. My favorite is The Zukor Club, and it still exists! I'm a lifemember! Hope to stop there several times when I'm back in Erie.

  3. As a youngster in the late '60s, I used to set pins in the bowling lanes at the Fulton Club in east Erie. Now that could be a workout.

  4. My dad was member of the Musicians Union Local 17...he played in many of these clubs through the years until 1968 when we moved to Pittsburgh.

  5. I stuck pins at the Fulton club in the 60's, too. Remember Harry, who threw hard enough you had to take cover or you'd get hit with flying pins? Dime a frame. Swollen knuckles. Smoke thick enough to cut with a knife. Ugh.

    Any chance you have a list of auto dealers from the 60's or older?

  6. Who doesn't remember dancing at the Calabrese Club in the 70's-the place was always packed with all of us 20 somethings.