Sunday, July 1, 2012

Corner of 7th and State Street, Erie, PA Hall's Restaurant

Corner of 7th and State Street, looking north. Photo by Chester Wasielewski; copyright Debbi Lyon 2012.

Remember Hall's Restaurant at the southwest corner of 7th and State Street in Erie, PA? The businesses in Downtown Erie used lots of cool neon and Coca-Cola signs to advertise their stores. Hall's was torn down, along with the Elk's Club and everything else on the block to make way for City Hall. The billiard hall and the news room were also demolished by the wrecking ball. 

The Hotel Richford, which was the old Ford Hotel, is visible on the right side of this photo. Richford Arms is now an apartment building. It is on the east side of State Street. 

Erieites are pretty hardy. It might be twenty degrees outside, but you just throw on an extra sweater and a pair of boots, put on a pair of mittens over your gloves and head outside. 

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  1. What year was that??

  2. It was always 'Hall's Cigar Store' in my memory and it appears that the facade of the building has that name above the awning. Never noticed the obvious 'restaurant' designations. Probably I was looking down to avoid slush-filled potholes in winter and sidewalk gobs of chewing gum in summer.

  3. my dad used to own Halls along with the news room that was between the Cathay House restaurant.and the shoe shine parlor.going west on 7th. ,.he also owned the New Moon cafe' which was north of Halls..on State street...I worked at Halls after school.

  4. In the late '40s and early '50s, the News Room" was where you went to get the latest baseball scores. They were posted on a giant chalk board, kept up-to-date, I think, by ticker tape. As a 12-14 year-old, I always had the feeling that something else -- like illegal betting -- was going on there. I was sure my parents didn't want me there. Same feeling about Block's Billiards on the east side of State St.