Thursday, May 10, 2012

Boston Store & Elk's Club on State Street in Erie, PA

Boston Store and the Elk's Club on State St. Photo by Chester Wasielewski, ©Debbi Lyon 2012.

The Boston Store & the Elk's Club

Ever wonder what the view was like from the upper floors of the Richford Arms Hotel? Well, now you know what it looked like before the new City Hall was built. The Elk's Club sat on the southwest corner of State Street, back when South Park Row traffic headed east instead of west. You can see the old City Hall on the right side of the photograph. The Boston Store is the big beige building in the center of the photo; it's clock tower is clearly visible. All the buildings between State and Peach, from South Park Row to West 7th Street, were demolished to make way for the new City Hall.

The Elk's Club shown here was the old Erie Trust Company Building.

Here's an older shot of the Boston Store from around 1932:

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  1. This Elk's club is the original Erie Trust Building. Erie Trust built a new building on the southeast corner of 10th & State in 1926, which was eventually purchased by G. Daniel Baldwin and renamed. The original Elk's Club was on the southeast corner of 8th & Peach, where WT Grant's was built. When this building was demolished, the Elks built their lodge on 8th and Maryland, which is now an office building.

  2. The Elks Lodge was NOT built at 8th & Maryland. That was the Eagles club. the Elks Lodge was moved from downtown Erie to its present location in Millcreek at 2409 Peninsula Drive.