Saturday, August 4, 2012

State Street, Boston Store circa 1932 Erie, PA

This image of the Boston Store at 716 State Street was taken around 1932 in Erie, PA. The photographer was standing in State Street near South Park Row, looking south. The old Federal Building, which was torn down in 1937 to make way for the new Federal Courthouse, is on the far left. The old Isaac Baker building at 629-633 State Street, which was destroyed by fire in 1943, is the pink building next to the courthouse with the 'Baker's' sign.

The red building across the street from Baker's to the south was later torn down for the new (now old) Erie Sport Store.

The trolley tracks down the middle of State Street were either torn out or paved over around 1935-36.

The old Elk's Club on the corner on the right side of the picture was torn down to make way for the new Erie City Hall, as were all the other buildings between South Park Row and West 7th Street on State.

For a view of the Elk's Club and the Boston Store from the Richford Arms Hotel, see this article:

For a view of the new Federal Courthouse and the Boston Store circa 1945, click here:

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