Sunday, July 29, 2012

State Street Federal Courthouse, Boston Store 1945

August 1945 State Street looking south from South Park Row.
Photo by Chester Wasielewski. ©Debbi Lyon 2012.
The Boston Store looms large in the upper right corner of this photo taken by Chester Wasielewski in August of 1945. The Federal Courthouse is on the left side of the the shot of downtown Erie, PA, as are the old pole street lamps. An old Erie Coach Company bus (#605) is taking passengers to the end of its route at 2nd and State. You can also see a number of military recruiting posters in front of the courthouse which are geared toward female recruits. The corner where the Isaac Baker building was on 7th and State (later the U.S. Post Office) looks empty. Lots of pedestrian traffic and cool old cars cruising State Street.

The retro buses of the Erie Coach Company replaced the old trolley lines. The Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority took over the Erie Coach Co. in the late sixties.

This shot of the Boston Store circa 1932 is taken from a similar spot:

Here's another shot of the Boston Store:

And another shot of the Boston Store:

Look closely...the Boston Store is on the left in the distance:

And here's the Boston Store in the winter time:


  1. It's soo cool that you find these graphic and make them available to us! A Big thanks! :)

  2. That structure on the corner with its 2nd story plumb with the curb is baffling. What they used before 'construction trailers'?