Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wesleyville M.E. Church and Underground Railroad

The old Wesleyville Methodist Episcopal Church was located on Buffalo Road in Wesleyville, PA. Frank Henry, Dr. Mark M. Moore, Major Frederick Fitch and the Chambers family used to hide fugitive slaves in the belfry before they were whisked away to freedom in Canada. 

This old church was demolished after its members built a new church at Station Road and South Street. A three-store shopping plaza sits in place of the old church at 3306 Buffalo Road. The old Wesleyville Cemetery is directly behind the plaza. Several of the men mentioned above are buried there, as are some of the founders of Wesleyville. 

For more information about activities of the Underground Railroad in Erie County, Pennsylvania, check out Lisa Gensheimer's article in Lake Erie Lifestyle called "Time Travel on the Underground Railroad"

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