Sunday, August 19, 2012

Jr's Last Laugh Building 1909 Reliable Furnishing

-ad in Erie Dispatch, June 23, 1909.
Ever drive past or go to a show at Jr's Last Laugh and wonder what used to be in that giant building on the corner of 14th and State St.? Reliable Home Furnishing Company had the grand opening for this store in Erie, PA on June 23, 1909.  The building has an unusual shape because its western border follows Turnpike Street.

You could buy a variety of items at Reliable, including carpets, stoves, rugs and draperies. The store advertised one price, cash or credit. Demuling's Orchestra played at the grand opening, and the store passed out free souvenirs all day long.

Abe Daneman was treasurer of Reliable Home Furnishing in 1922; Louis Grad was the manager.

Reliable was still in business in 1967, but by this time had moved to 1213-1219 State St. (the old building at 1402 State now housed Masiroff & Company, owned by Sol Masiroff.)

Furnitureland, owned by Greg Gardner, occupied the building after Masiroff's.

Steve McGarvey renovated the building that now houses Junior's Last Laugh. This is right across the street from the old Mercantile Building at 1401 State St., a property that was under development by McGarvey at the time of his death in 2005.

Here's a map of 14th and State from 1950:

And a picture of the Wilson House on the Turnpike Street triangle:

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