Monday, August 27, 2012

Wilson Hotel West 14th and State 1910 Erie, PA

Wilson House on West 14th and State St. from 1913 Official Perry Centennial Souvenir Book of Erie.
The Wilson House opened in 1888 and was located on the triangle bordered by State Street (on the left in this photo), Turnpike Street (on the right in this photo) and West 14th Street. This unique building was torn down many years ago. The section of Turnpike between State Street and West 14th St. no longer exists, nor do any of the businesses on the right side of this photo. (A small portion of Turnpike St. still exists beginning at West 14th St. It is the only true north-south street in Erie, PA.)

The Wilson House was owned by John Stinson in 1904. Florence Stinson and Oscar K. Stinson boarded at the Wilson House in 1904.

The Wilson House had a name change at some point, and by 1914 it was known as the New Wilson Hotel. Frank G. Young was the proprietor of the New Wilson Hotel in 1914, and Robert B. Porter was its manager.

Reliable Home Furnishing Company is visible in the photo above, having signage on State Street and on Turnpike. Here is a link to a 1909 grand opening ad for Reliable Furnishing:

The trolley tracks ran down the middle of State Street and are visible on the left side of the picture.

Here's a map of Turnpike Street from 1950:

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