Monday, July 1, 2013

Palace Hardware Towered Above Downtown Erie

The Palace Hardware building was constructed around 1914 and still stands at 913 State Street in Erie, PA. The Palace Hardware House was a retail store that had a variety of items, everything from guns and ammo to bicycles, automobile accessories, paints, sporting goods and cookware. The Erie store was a branch of the United Hardware & Supply Company. After the store closed, the building sat vacant for many years. It was refurbished in the late nineties and then used for a mixture of retail and apartments.

Clifford M. Turner managed the Palace Hardware store in 1922. The building was 42' wide by 65' deep. Marine Bank is the light colored building to the left of Palace in this photo. Some of the early tenants included attorney Miles B. Kitts, Commonwealth Oil Company, Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co., Truscon Steel Co., the Real Estate Board of Erie and the Erie Civic Music Association.

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  1. Another tenant in the Palace Hardware building was my childhood dentist, Dr. Reichele -- late 1930s early 1940s -- fifth(?)floor. Pre pain-killers days, slow speed drill.