Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ellsworth House State Street now Richford Arms Erie PA

Ellsworth House at State and North Park Row in Erie, Pennsylvania circa 1880.
The Ellsworth House is the five-story building on the left that used to stand on the northeast corner of State and North Park Row. According to Ed Wellejus, this building was constructed in 1851 and was torn down in 1891. It was known as Brown's Hotel until about 1869. Guests of the Ellsworth hotel had a great view of the park at Perry Square.

The left side of the building shown above faced State Street. The old Reed Hotel, which anchored the block at the corner at North Park Row and French Street, is now a parking lot.  None of the buildings in this picture exist today. The stretch of buildings on the right side of the photo (on French Street) were torn down to build Erie Insurance.

The Ford Hotel, now known as Richford Arms, occupies this Erie spot at 515 State Street. The Ford Hotel opened in 1928. You can see a picture and read about it here:

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