Saturday, November 2, 2013

Kids in Alley at West 2nd and Walnut in 1955

Today I need your help identifying the nine unknown children in this photograph, which was taken in Erie, PA in 1955. Let's see how long it takes to attach a name to each person. Are you ready to accept this challenge? Here's what I know so far (which is not much):

Four of the children have been identified so far. They are: Cecil Horton, his sister Suzanne Horton, Sarah Amos and Alice Carson. Many thanks to Cynthia Wyatt for providing this information!

This picture was taken in the alley between West 2nd and West 3rd Streets, probably closer to Walnut Street than Cherry. This was around the block from Bayview Park, where the Erie Pontiacs, a well-known local team, played baseball. Lawrence Cleaning and Dyeing was nearby, at 402 West 3rd Street.

The man on the left is Stanley Wasielewski. He lived in the little brown house near the alley at 519 1/2 West 2nd. It seems like the kids really liked him because I have several pictures taken at different times and there are usually African-American children playing near his house.

Some neighbors in the 500 block of West 2nd Street included:
Clifford Taylor, Timothy Brown, Robert James, Rosa Hobson, Jeannette Evans, Howard Dunbar, William Nixon, Douglas Stokes, Ervin Amos, Thomas Diarse, Odell Pickings, Raymond Lado, John Matkovich, Bernard Brocious, Iquila King, Charles Nicholas, Theodore White, William Carson, Irma Terry, Houston Fiedler, Richard Davis, Pruitt Watson, William Wright, Frank Pakela, Mary Dundon, Felix Galleur and Leo Foley.

Now it's your turn. Click here to send me a message if you know the names of any of these kids and I will add them here.

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