Saturday, September 14, 2013

Erie Radio Schedule August 1974

This Erie Radio Schedule appeared in the Erie Morning News in August of 1974. Being a long-time fan of local radio, I recognized quite a few of the disc jockeys listed here, such as Frank Martin ("The Morning Mayor"), Ronnie Gee (Ron Seggi), Joey Stevens (later a TV weatherman), Bill Shannon, Tim Earl (another TV weather forecaster) and Ken Olowin.

WERG was the new kid on the block, broadcasting on 89.1 FM. It later moved from 89.9 to its present home at 90.5

A couple of the stations had early sign off times; WMDI cut out at 1 a.m., while WQLN and WERG went off at 2 a.m. WHYP would sometimes unintentionally sign off during the day, and the needle would be stuck in the locked groove at the end of a record for minutes on end.

One of my favorites was Al Knight, or Big Al Knight, All Night, Every Night. I think the interns must have cut their teeth on the overnight shift putting in carts of the pre-recorded voice of "Al Knight" occasionally between songs.

I can still hear some of the jingles in my head. Fun times!

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  1. Great find......a who's who of great radio wasn't interns that ran Al Knight it was Myron Jones brother Larry.btw we found all the original Al Knight liners ,transcribed them and brought back the modern version of Al Knight (aka Mike Miller) and he's on yawn to dawn on WMCE 88.5 FM Captain Dan Geary