Thursday, June 13, 2013

Warner Bros. Top Retailer 10th and State

Warner Brothers Dry Goods and Carpets was located on the northwest corner of 10th and State in Erie, PA in 1888. Their business was located in the Scott Block, an ornate building owned by W. L. Scott. 

Edwin L. and W. S. Warner began their career in 1852 as clerks for Cadwell & Griswold. The men then partnered as Griswold & Warner, then Bell & Warner (in 1860) and Warner Bros. in 1866.

"The front portion of the magnificent first floor store-room is devoted to the display of dry goods of every description, for which the house is famous- silks, woolens, linens, cottons, laces, ribbons, embroideries, trimmings, ladies' and gentlemen's furnishing goods, notions, etc. The rear is utilized for cloaks and curtains, which are shown in endless variety. The basement, tastefully arranged and perfectly lighted, contains at all times the largest and most valuable stock of carpets, rugs, floor oil cloths and kindred goods in this market, embracing everything salable, from the cheapest American to the most gorgeous Persian and Turkish fabrics."

Edwin L. Warner, who was born in Oneida County, NY, died on September 27, 1905 and was buried in the Erie Cemetery.

The Scott Block, at 930 State St., was five stories tall with a footprint of 60x150 feet and was said to be fireproof when constructed. This building played a prominent role in Erie history. It was later home to the W. T. Grant Co., which held its grand opening on November 8, 1924. Fireproof? Not quite. Grant's lost $300,000 in merchandise when the Scott building went up in flames on Dec. 20, 1944

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  1. I always knew there was a Warner Brothers in that building at one time, and knew it was never any type of theater. Thanks for this great piece of info on the "other" Warner Brothers!