Saturday, June 29, 2013

Earl Lawrence Taught Many Musicians

Earl Lawrence taught music to thousands of people in Erie County before he passed away in 1969. He was so popular that the Fairview High School Class of 1942 dedicated their yearbook to him. He retired as a high school teacher in 1951.

Mr. Lawrence was born in Erie, PA in 1881 and was the son of John and Emma Lawrence. He graduated from Erie High School in 1901. Earl was an inspiration to many students, a number of whom went on to become professional musicians. Bruce Morton Wright and Mary Alice Brown were prodigies. Harry T. Burleigh was a personal friend, and he stayed at the Lawrence home at 221 West Front St. when he visited Erie.

Earl was highly respected in the local community. "Mr. Lawrence spent many years as a performer in bands of various types in dance halls, parks, hotels, and in the homes of prominent Erie citizens." Learn more details about the life of Earl Lawrence at: Erie African American Wiki

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