Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Red Barn 99¢ Chicken Dinner

Red Barn vs. McDonald's. Two fast food restaurants competing for your dollar. A dollar went pretty far back in 1969. And how could you go wrong with Red Barn's guarantee: "You must be satisfied or your money back."
Look what you could get for 99¢
3 Pieces of Fried Chicken
Cole Slaw 
Red Barn had four locations in Erie, PA when this ad was published in the Erie Morning News on Nov. 15, 1969. You could get a meal at 1920 East Lake Road, 3424 Peach Street, 12th and Pittsburgh Avenue and 26th and Peninsula Drive.

I remember getting food at the East Lake Rd. location, which was across the street from Edison Elementary School.

Enjoy more historic facts & photos of Erie, PA at: oldtimeerie.blogspot.com


  1. This was a treat for us kids on Friday nights. Red Barn or Mcd`s

  2. "When the hungries hit, when the hungries hit ... hit the Red Barn!" The jingle from one of their radio ads.

  3. When I was young the family went to the Peach St location often . When I was in high school the old barn was a used car lot called the Auto Barn .

  4. My first job was at the Red Barn on 26th Street near Peninsula. If I remember right!

  5. does anyone remember the "roll" that came in the chicken dinners?