Friday, February 22, 2013

Victor Distributing 16th and Myrtle in Erie PA

Old Time Erie Victor Dist. Co. photo courtesy of Tom DiLuzio.
How sweet is this old Studebaker pickup truck! As you can tell from the logo painted on the door, this delivery truck was used the Victor Distributing Company. This beer distributor was located in Little Italy at 1602 Myrtle Street in Erie, PA in 1939. Victor was owned by Philip Sansone. Unfortunately, there are no names written on the back of this photo.

Joseph Ferraro was the president of Victor Beer Distributing of Erie in 1938. Philip Sansone was the secretary/treasurer, and Anthony Sansone was a laborer at the business.

Click here for a photo of the Ferraro & Sansone Steinhaus Beer truck:

The house in the background is located at 1601 Myrtle Street. It still stands, but has had some major changes. The small porch on the first floor is gone and a porch has been added to the second floor on the front of the house. This house sits on the southeast corner of West 16th and Myrtle. The building to the right of the house has been demolished.

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