Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ferraro & Sansone 1938 Steinhaus Beer Truck

Ferraro & Sansone distributed Steinhaus Beer in Erie, PA in 1938. Photo courtesy of Tom DiLuzio.
Ferraro & Sansone distributed Steinhaus Beer and Old Shay Ale in Erie, Pennsylvania in 1938. Here is a photo of their delivery truck parked on Old French Road next to Jefferson Elementary School. This company existed for a very short time prior to World War II.

Joseph Ferraro was the president of Victor Beer Distributing of Erie, PA, 1602 Myrtle St, in 1938. He later owned the Amity Inn at 1534 West 26th Street. Joseph died on December 20, 1950 at the age of 45. He was married to Lucy Sansone Ferraro.

Philip Sansone was the secretary/treasurer of Victor Beer in 1938. (He was listed as the owner of the Ferraro & Sansone Service Station in the 1937 city directory.)

Anthony Sansone was a laborer at Victor Beer in 1938. He worked as a bartender at the Amity Inn in 1948.

According to, the Victor Brewing Company, located in Jeanette, PA, was sold to Fort Pitt Brewery of Pittsburgh in 1941. The Steinhaus and Old Shay brands were discontinued in 1939.

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  1. Very interesting!! If you zoom in on the nameplate of the truck, you wil see that it is an "Autocar". A heavy duty rig that was popular at the time. I think that they were built right on through the '50's or 60's.