Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rider's on the Bay with Ice Cream Stand Erie PA

Rider's on the Bay postcard from 1954 contributed by Michele H.
Let's take a look at Rider's on the Bay from a different angle. We ran a shot of this restaurant a couple of months ago and someone said, "Hey, where's the ice cream stand?" If you look hard enough, you can see the giant ice cream cone on the left side of this photo. This card was postmarked 1954. You could buy ice cream and fish & chips at the little stand on the south side of the restaurant. 

Rider's was located on West Dobbin's Landing near the Public Dock in Erie, PA until the 1960s. It had a giant fish on the roof and a cool neon sign which wrapped around the front of the building. The sign for Erie Marine Supply Co. is visible on the right side of this postcard. 

Here is a link to the other photo of Rider's: http://oldtimeerie.blogspot.com/2012/11/riders-on-bay-state-street-restaurant.html

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  1. In 1960 my brother's best friend James Purdue's Mother was a short order cook in the Fish & Chips shop. She drove us down and fried a basket of shrimp & Chips for us to share. I've never had shrimp as good as on that summer evening with my brother and his friend. Mrs. Purdue could sure cook! Her fried chicken was also out of this world!

    Mark Stanczyk (Glasgow, Scotland)