Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rider's On The Bay State Street Restaurant

Postcard and ad in Erie Dispatch-Herald, September 20, 1945.
Rider's on the Bay Restaurant was located on West Dobbin's Landing in Erie, PA from the forties until the sixties.

The restaurant was owned by Manly and Caroline Rider in 1946 and was located at 4 State Street, near the Public Dock. In the mid-sixties, Rider's was owned by Nick Markopoulos and Alex Platis (who also owned Tony's Restaurant & Marine Bar on the east side of State Street.)

Rider's On the Bay was a place to take the family to eat.

"If you haven't already sampled our seafood specialties, why not stop in this evening for one of our tangy Fish Dinners. Then you'll know why the whole town is raving. Whether you crave Fish, Oysters, Lobsters, Soft Shell Crabs, Shrimp or Scallop, you'll be satisfied...and then some!"

This restaurant was demolished. The Sheraton Bayfront Hotel currently occupies this site.


  1. NO one can either 'find' a restaurent, TODAY, where 'all' the Staff (e.g, from Bussers to Waitress to Management) 'actually' knew 'everyone' walked through the door or 'served' such good & reasonabley-priced menu items!! Yes, ''Riders-on-the-Bay'' ACTUALLY did substitute' things on its menu!! My Parents 'actually' ate there about once-per-month and took me along! W. A. Wittenberg

  2. Say what you want, but give me old time Erie anyday. Riders was one of those places that will live on in the memory of many of us old timers. Matter of fact I proposed to my wife just a little noth of Riders at the end of the old Public Dock in the summer of 1952. It only lasted sixty years!