Monday, January 28, 2013

Griswold Sale at Trask's 1936

Griswold cookware and cooking utensils were manufactured in Erie, Pennsylvania. These items included frying pans, dutch ovens, pancake griddles, tea kettles, food choppers, skillets and muffin pans. It's hard to believe that the highly collectible Griswold items once sold for 59¢ to $4.29. The purchase of an entire set of Griswold would have made an excellent investment...if only you had a crystal ball. 

Trask's Department Store was located at 827 State Street in Erie, PA. The advertisement shown above appeared in the Erie Dispatch-Herald on October 28, 1936.

Griswold was also available at the Boston Store down the street:

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  1. I still have some of the Griswold pieces that have ERIE on the bottom. I love my old cast iron pans.