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Griswold Sale at Boston Store 1934

-ad in Erie Dispatch-Herald, April 9, 1934.
Don't you wish you could jump in your time machine, go back to the Boston Store, and buy a No. 8 Griswold Cast Iron Skillet for just 69¢? Most of the pieces shown in the advertisement should look familiar...I bet your grandmother used them in her kitchen.

Griswold was manufactured in Erie and is a highly collectible brand. To see how popular it is, just search eBay for Griswold. These cooking utensils are so tough that some frying pans have been in continuous use since this ad appeared in the mid-thirties. The common items show up regularly at antique shows and flea markets.

Check out the Griswold Chromium Cast Iron 5 piece gift set for only $7.95. I wonder how many couples received this set as a wedding present? Individual pieces included a 6 inch skillet, a 8 inch skillet, a 10.5 inch skillet, a 10.5 inch griddle and a 4.5 quart Dutch oven.

Griswold had a four-story brick factory on the south side of West 12th between Cascade and Raspberry Streets in Erie, PA. This building still stands at 1053 West 12th Street.

Matthew Griswold, Jr. holds a number of patents for Griswold cookware, including a waffle-iron, a food-chopper, a coffee mill and a gas heating stove. In 1922, the company  included: Marvin E. Griswold, President; Ely Griswold, Vice-President; R. Wolcott Griswold, Treasurer; and Blaine M. Oxtoby, Secretary.

What is your favorite piece of Griswold?

Examples include:
Griswold Skillet No. 8 
Griswold Skillet No. 6
Griswold Skillet No. 3

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  1. I'll bet you I STILL use them in my kitchen and I'm 62!