Friday, January 18, 2013

Erie Sailors 1946 Champion Baseball Team

1946 Erie Sailors, Middle Atlantic League Champions. Photo courtesy of Tom DiLuzio.
The Erie Sailors were at the top of their game in 1946, the champions of the Middle Atlantic League. The Sailors played Class C ball at Ainsworth Field in Erie, Pennsylvania. Three Sailors shown in this photo went on the play in the big league. George Bamberger pitched for the New York Giants (1951-52), the Baltimore Orioles (1959) and then managed the Milwaukee Brewers and the New York Mets. Centerfielder Jerry Scala  played for the Chicago White Sox (1948-49). Pitcher Red Webb played for the New York Giants (1848-49).

In addition to Bamberger, Scala and Webb, the Erie Sailors also included Leo Feldmier, Sam Bartolomei, Sam Marsacano, Charles Muse, Bill Lance, George Sabini, Don Brennan, Fred Voigt, Steve Rushnock and Cal Ehehalt. Also Mike Colombo, Bill Pavlick, Gene Natale, manager Steve Mizerak (not the world champion pool player), Jack Uber, Bill Nichols and Phil Alotta.

Here is a 1948 Erie Sailors Roster

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  1. I saw recently that Steve Mizerak was the pool player's father.