Saturday, June 2, 2012

Erie Sailors 1948 Roster Ainsworth Field in Erie, PA

Erie Sailors 1948 Roster Ainsworth Field

Erie Sailors' Roster from a game at Ainsworth Field in Erie, PA.

The Erie Sailors played Class C ball in the Middle Atlantic League in 1948, when they were a minor league farm team for the New York Giants. The team included pitchers Walter Cox, Bill Peters, Joe Bastan, Charley Pipher, Joe LaCroix, Joe Galioto and Walter Nebor. Ziggy Jasinski played for the team during the 1947 and 1948 seasons. The Sailors made their home in Erie, Pennsylvania. The players hailed from New York, Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis, Holyoke, Atlantic City and St. Paul, Minnesota. 

To learn more about the Erie Sailors, be sure to check this Baseball Reference Site.
The booklet for this game was about the size of a comic book. I had a color cover and contained a scorecard in the middle. Palace Hardware, Gorenflo and Johnson Lumber were long-time Erie businesses that advertised with the Sailors.

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