Wednesday, November 14, 2012

State Street from 7th to 8th, Mayo Leather Shop

The Mayo Leather Shop, located at 709 State Street in Erie, Pennsylvania, is shown in the lower left-hand corner of this postcard of Downtown Erie. The trolley ran right down the center of State Street when this shot was taken. There are lots of cars parked along the west side of State St. at right angles to the curb (too many fender-benders with parallel parking?).

Mayo Leather was owned by Henry Mayo. The company existed at 709 State Street as early as 1878 and was later owned by Maxwell Mayo. The Erie Sports Store had a location here after Mayo Leather. Read about early Erie leather manufacturers here:

Here is a view of the Mayo Leather building circa 1959 when it was occupied by the Erie Sport Store:

The small stone building with the flag is First National Bank at 715 State St. The tall beige building was located on the corner at 729 State St.

None of the building shown in the first block on the left exist today, with the exception of the facade of the First National Bank Building, which was moved to East 26th Street.

The old Penn Building is the white building shown here on the southeast corner of 8th and State.

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield currently occupies the building at 717 State St.

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