Saturday, May 19, 2012

Erie Sport Store at 709 State Street, Erie, PA

The old, old Erie Sport Store at 709 State St., Erie, PA. Photo by Chester Wasielewski  ©2012 Debbi Lyon.

Erie Sport Store 709 State Street, Erie, PA

Here's a picture of the old, old Erie Sport Store at 709 State Street. The store on the corner, Perry Square Clothes, was having a going out of business sale. The other stores include Erie Discount Center at 705 State St., the Erie Sport Store (before the old/new one was built on the corner), the old First National Bank (before the facade was moved to East 26th St.). You can also see the old safety island in the middle of State Street; pedestrians could stand on this island if they got caught in between traffic lights.

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  1. This picture was taken around 1959 or 1960. Seaboard Loans and Specter Jewelers were on the second floor of the building on the corner. First National Bank of Erie Consumers Credit Department was to the right of the Erie Sport Store. There were a lot of banks, jewelers, theaters and clothing shops downtown.