Saturday, November 10, 2012

Magician Harry Kellar Played Erie in 1904

-ad in Erie Evening Herald, Oct. 13, 1904.
Harry Kellar, known throughout the world as a brilliant magician, was born in Erie, Pennsylvania in 1849. Kellar appeared at the Majestic Theatre on West 10th Street in Erie, PA for two shows,  October 17 and October 18, 1904.

"The popularity of Harry Kellar, or 'Our Harry,' as he is familiarly called in Erie, (his old home), was attested last evening...Kellar uses very little apparatus, and performs many of his most wonderful tricks simply with the aid of his bare hands and in the glare of the brilliantly lighted stage." -review in the Erie Evening Herald, Oct. 18, 1904.

Kellar performed one of his most famous acts at the Majestic, the Levitation of the Princess Karnac. "The illusion is only another of the mighty Kellar's marvelous accomplishments, showing the ease and grace with which he defies the laws of nature and makes even the unbending rules of science sway to his will and skill."

Here is a picture of the Majestic Theatre. Magician Harry Blackstone, Sr. also performed in Erie.

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  1. Watch for our documentary, "American Mystic: The Magical Life of Harry Kellar," coming in 2013. Also see Gail Jarrow's new book for young adults, "The Amazing Kellar: Great American Magician," available from your favorite bookshop or online bookseller.

    1. Can't wait to see 'American Mystic.' Good to see an Erie County production team showcasing regional talent. Here is a link to the Kellar video by Main Street Media: