Friday, October 26, 2012

Roth Cadillac 1117 State Street and Plymouth Tavern

-ad in Erie Tageblatt, March 26, 1908
Today I'll take you on a trip, but first I want you to get your bearings. See the tall building near the center that says "United States" in large letters on the side? That is the current location of the Plymouth Tavern and Restaurant.

OK? Good. The wide building on the right in this postcard is now a parking lot for a bank, but it was the home of Roth Cadillac. Founder Jacob Roth sold automobiles and bicycles.

The ad on the right is from the German newspaper, the Erie Tageblatt. It says that Pennsylvania Bicycles represent Quality, Endurance and Economy. Roth sold roadsters and high grade business bicycles. He also sold bicycle tires ($1.50 to $4) and cemented tires for free.

"The Roth Cadillac Company had its origin in 1892 when Jacob Roth engaged in the bicycle business with his brothers at 18 West 9th Street. In the years following, the business was located at the following addresses: 1027 State, 1018 State, 1117-1123 State, and in April, 1922, it was removed to its present location, 20-22 East 8th St. In 1898 Messrs. Roth combined their bicycle business with the automobile industry and in 1903 discontinued the former altogether." -Reed History of Erie Co., PA, published in 1925.

Jake Roth was also the vice-president of the Erie Cycle and Athletic Association in 1897. Here is an article about Erie Cycling Clubs in 1897:

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