Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bicycle Cycling Clubs 1897 Erie PA

The bicycling craze took Erie, Pennsylvania by storm, and there were four different cycling clubs in Erie in 1897.

The West Side Cycling and Athletic Club was organized November November 7, 1895. The group had a clubhouse at 506 Walnut Street in Erie, PA. The club was led by President Charles Boyd, Vice President J. Hampel, Secretary C. Mauer, Treasurer H. Smith, Directors H. Leuschen, E. G. Mischler, W. MacDougall, H. Brice and J. Hampel. Also Captain S. Warren, Lieutenant F. Hill, Second Lieutenant K. Johnson and Buglar F. Schade, Jr.

The Y.M.C.A. Bicycle Club was organized in May of 1896. Members included President R. L. Sternberg, Vice President John Cummings, Captain W. J. Davison, First Lieutenant Will Keister and Second Lieutenant George Caskey.

The Erie Cycle and Athletic Association was organized March 15, 1897. Members included President Dr. C. H. Harvey, Vice President Jacob Roth, Secretary E. J. House, and Treasurer Stuart Shirk. The Board of Directors included the above mentioned men and W. J. Robinson. [Note: Jacob Roth was the founder of Roth Cadillac.]

The Erie League of American Wheelmen (L.A.W. No. 782) organized March 20, 1897. The group met twice a month at 1121 French Street in Erie, PA. Members included President Joseph G. Mooney, Vice President Henry N. Stahlbrodt, Secretary Charles L. Siegel, Treasurer Robert G. Dickinson and Captain Howard Fenno. [Note: J. G. Mooney held patents for bicycles and tires.]

This was the golden age of bicycles in Erie. The bicycle clubs were very active, attracting the top national teams for races in Erie. There were also at least five bicycle manufacturers based in Erie during this era, including Black, Koster, Roth, Lajeal and Mooney.

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