Sunday, September 2, 2012

First McDonald's in Erie, PA Grand Opening 1960

-ad in Metropolitan Leader, July 25, 1960.
Erie's first McDonald's opened at 4319 Peach Street in Erie, PA on July 26, 1960. Erie had never seen anything like this fast-food restaurant, and people flocked to the Golden Arches in droves. It was not uncommon to drive by and see a line of people waiting at the window to order food.

Albert Covelli was the owner of this location, McDonald's franchise #110. It was later owned by his son, Sam Covelli. Sam won the 1988 Golden Arch Award, which was given every two years to the best McDonald's operators in the world.

Click below for a link to a 1961 article about McDonald's:

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  1. I worked at east lake rd 1967 - 1968 range the prices were not any different then