Sunday, June 24, 2012

McDonald's 4319 Peach St. Erie PA 1961 Mother's Day ad

McDonald's ad in Erie Morning News May 13, 1961

McDonald's 4319 Peach St. Erie, PA 1961 Mother's Day ad

Cook-out, mom style? Would you really take your mom to McDonald's for Mother's Day? Hmmm.

This 1961 ad for McDonald's at 4319 Peach Street takes us back to the day when hamburgers cost 15¢ each, cheeseburgers were 19¢ apiece, golden French fries were 10¢, as was a cup of coffee, a coke or a root beer. A triple thick shake sold for 20¢ and a cup of refreshing cold milk was 12¢.

McDonald's franchise #110 at 4319 Peach Street was opened by Albert Covelli around 1959 and was later owned by his son Sam Covelli, of Warren, Ohio. Sam won the 1988  Golden Arch Award, which is given every two years to the six best McDonald's operators in the world.

The menu was much smaller in 1961 than it is today. The original McDonald's had the Golden Arches outside and you could walk up and order. They later added a sit-down, indoor dining area.

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