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Top 35 Bakeries in 1965 in Erie, PA

Top 35 Bakeries in 1965 in Erie, PA

Who doesn't love to bite into a warm, freshly baked cookie or pastry? Remember the days when you could walk to the neighborhood bakery and buy a roll of bread or a bag full of rolls? Or a three-tier wedding cake? Let's take a look back at the Top 35+ bakeries in Erie, Pennsylvania in 1965. The list includes:

Baker's Bakery, 118 East 17th St.
Balkan Bakery Company 258 East 2nd St.
Bill's Bakery, 1825 West 26th St.
Boll's Bakery, 1136 East Lake Rd.
Boll's Pastry Shoppe, 1912 East 38th St.
Colonial Bakery, 3717 Pine Ave.
Dolly Madison Cakes, 2440 Buffalo Rd.
Do-Nut Shop, 20 North Perry Square
Firch Baking Company, 1902 Cranberry St.
Frontier Cake Shop, 1650 West 8th St. and 1625 West 26th St.
Jack Frost Doughnut Shop, 2119 Buffalo Road
George's Bakery, 424 East 3rd St.
W.T. Grant Co. Bakery, 18 West 9th St.
H & K Do-Nut Shop, 3712 West Lake Rd.
Haft's Bakery, 915 East Ave.
Omar Hall Baking Co., 1563 West 38th St.
Hess Avenue Bakery, 701 Hess Ave.
International Bakery, 610 West 18th St.
Kuneman's Bakery, 2646 West 8th St.
Lakewood Pastry Shoppe, 3433 West Lake Rd.
Lucas Pastries, 1001 West 8th St.
Majestic Baking Co., 1501 Walnut St.
Marque's Bread, 1140 East 20th St.
Mary Ella Pastries, 3025 French St. (owned by William P. Sontheimer & son)
Morgan Bakery, 1061 West 22nd St.
National Biscuit Co., 2222 East 30th St.
Paramount Pastries, 715 West 29th St. and 2615 Evanston
Rusterholtz Bakery, 3817 West 12th St. (main store), 301 East 12th St. (pastry shop)
     4008 Main St., Lawrence Park (store), Central Mall (store)
Seebachers Bakery, 107 Main Street, Girard
Sontheimer Bakery, 561 West 31st St.
South Erie Bakery, 202 West 29th (corner 29th and Peach)
Ward Baking Co., 1540 West 26th St.
Washington Bakery, 1258 West 8th St.
Wesleyville Bakery, 3010 Buffalo Rd (Wesleyville)
Williams' Pie Kitchen, 1163 West 26th St.
Zehe Bakery, 121 East 21st St.

International Bakery and H&K Doughnuts are still in business. Jack Frost Doughnuts will reopen in the summer of 2012.

The Frontier Cake Shop sold old fashioned German soft pretzels.

Kuneman's had been in business since 1919 and was known for their wedding cakes.


  1. Rusterholtz was inside of Mason's Department Store West as you first entered the store.

  2. Loved the bakery at E.31st and French back in the late 60s early 70s...was so happy to go visit my grandparents, as they lived right across the street from it, so waling over for that special treat was a sure thing back then...

    1. That bakery was Mary Ella's Pastries. We loved that bakery so much. They had wooden paneling and an old German cuckoo clock. My mother used to stop there every Saturday after going to the beauty salon and would bring home at least 5 or 6 bags full of bread, rolls, cream filled cupcakes with a cream filled star on top, German kucha- we affectionately called "Cimmacouca", sweet little butter tea cookies, chocolate chip cookeis and so many other pastry shop delights. The highlight of the year was our birthday when we got to pick our cake from Mary Ella's. My mother would ask how we wanted it made-mine was always chocolate or marble layer cake with a pink sugar "birdie" on the side. My younger brother always picked a chocolate sheet cake with a blue "bird"-being a boy he would not refer to it as a "birdie". Mary Ella's burned down in the early 1970's and left many heartbroken families in Erie. Been a lot of places and never had any bakery goods quite as good

  3. i remember a balkan bakery at east 9th and fulton ave . had great black bread

  4. Lunch time at East High....over at Hess Ave. Mmmmm

  5. does anybody remember the old fashioned angel food cake with orange zest and a glaze over it from Frontier Bakery on W 8th St. Best cake ever....would love to find that recipe somewhere from there. What family owned that bakery???


  6. Paramount Pastries made the Best Ever glazed doughnuts...I would buy the day old and they still beat the others of today. They also had a great big pinwheel pastry, brownies, cookies and remember the Lady Fingers:). Also does anyone remember the coffee cake Firch's used to make...and the best ever cinnamon streusel bread!!! How about Firch's sticky buns WOW! My mother boasts about Zehe's bakery having a variety of Danish's including cream cheese, prune also tasty bran muffins, cakes brownies.