Friday, July 20, 2012

Top Erie Restaurants and Taverns 1962 pt.2

Let's see what restaurants and taverns you remember from this list. I see two on this list that still existed in 1980 at 22nd and Ash, the Golden Goose and the Lucky Strike Cafe. (I can't remember the name of the third one at 560 East 22nd; it was Bojarski's Cafe in 1968.)  I was always amazed that there were so many bars and clubs in such a small area- East 21st to East 26th- from Ash to Parade. And, you could buy a case of beer at City Beer!

The bar across the street from Serafin's at 24th and Ash sold lots of fish dinners. You could smell the fish frying two blocks away. Other places had specialties as well. Many also had a jukebox stocked with the latest top hits.

What are your favorite Erie PA memories? Do they involve a special meal with your family?

Here is a link to Top Erie Restaurants and Taverns 1962 Part One which includes Adelman's to the Elmwood Dinor. There is also a list of Erie cafes from that existed in 1959.

Here is a photo of Hall's on 7th and State in Erie.

Enjoy more fun facts about the History of Erie at: Old Time Erie


  1. Can't forget Hector's! It was such a bummer when they closed down a few years ago. Best Italian restaurant in Erie at the time.

    1. I grew up at Hector's back in the day. My uncle Hector and Aunt Angie owned that place for 50 years. Such great memories. I'd love to see pics of it again if anyone has them.

    2. It definitely is a shame! I washed dishes there in 96.
      And, I got to meet some of the Cleveland Indians around Christmas time that year!

  2. Lucky Strike Cafe was my dad's haunt. They had great beer battered fish!

  3. Takis of course the original one not the new one, place open at midnight.

  4. Looking for family history. I was always told that my grandfather owned a bar in Erie called the golden goose. Last name desanto..

  5. Can anyone remember where Lupo's Restaurant was?

  6. Lupo's had two locations in Erie that I recall. The first one when the father ran it was located on Peninsula Drive. Then it relocated to the old RAX location on Peach or 12th if my memory is correct. I believe the son Marco was running it then. Many trips back to Erie in recen years and it appears to have closed nobody I have asked remembers it. So sad, the food was good and the Lupo family treated everyone like family. I remember being there with a friend in 1982 and when she didn't finish all of her pasta and sausage, Mr. Lupo asked her if everything was ok? She explained that she was full (they did give large portions). Mr. Lupo then turned to me and asked, what's the matter with you? Can't you eat it? I thought I was at my aunt's house. Then a number of us another year decided to have a going away dinner for two college friends. The Lupo family treated us excellently. I loved the Pollo de Parmigiana and the expresso. The expresso machine itself was quite impressive. I would love to learn that they may have relocated as opposed to having closed.