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Koehler Beer ad 1952 There is no better Beer!

Koehler Beer ad 1952 There is no better Beer

Koehler Beer ad from Dec. 8, 1952 Erie Daily Times.
Here's a neat old advertisement for Koehler Beer, which was produced by the Erie Brewing Company on State Street in Erie, Pennsylvania. The Koehler Brewery was established in 1847.

The ad reads, "A Taste Treat that Can't be Beat...of course it's...KOEHLER'S. There is no better BEER!" The illustrations show a beer and a burger with cartoons of German characters with catsup and onions. 

In December of 1952, Koehler's advertised three fine brews: Lager, Pilsener and Jackson's Select.

The only thing missing from this ad? Jackson Koehler, of course. (Does anyone know the name of the actor who portrayed Jackson Koehler in print and tv ads?)

John Biggie says, "They used to offer tap rooms free of charge to anyone having an office party or something of that order...Beer was free, right out of the pipes."

Here's a link to a WSEE-TV interview with Koehler collector Mark Dana which shows a crowd watching the old Koehler building on State Street in its final stages of demolition:

Here's a photo of the Koehler beer sign on 10th and State Street.

Enjoy more fun facts about the history of Erie, PA at: Old Time Erie

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