Thursday, May 17, 2012

State Street from 10th to 11th with old Koehler sign

Tenth to Eleventh and State St., Erie, PA. Photo by Chester Wasielewski, ©Debbi Lyon 2012.

State St. from 10th to 11th with Koehler Beer clock and Baldwin Bldg.

Let's see how many businesses you recognize along the east side of State from 10th to 11th Street in Erie, Pennsylvania. We'll begin our tour with the old Koehler Beer clock on Tenth Street. The clock was perched atop a building just north of Tenth St. The Baldwin Bldg. anchors this shot on the left, with a sign for First National Bank. Next are a couple of buildings that have since been torn down, one of which housed Shooter's Tavern in the late eighties. Then the State Street Food Market

The Winter Co. is notable because it had a curved front window that was a perfect place to shove your friends into. There are still tiles in the sidewalk in front of this building bearing the Winter Company name. Babe Harkins had a City Council election office in the next space, and then the One Hour Cleaning and Sherman's Mens Wear. H&R Block and Seaway came next, along with a skinny shoe-shine shop. The Nut Kitchen was next, and the Hutch's Billiards Shop was on the corner. It's the place with the Pepsi signs. There is an EMTA bus on the left side of the photo. This was taken before the pedestrian safety islands were torn out.

Here is a copy of a Koehler Beer ad from 1952: Koehler Beer ad from 1952

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  1. Remember them all, Seaway was Seaway Stationers owned by Irv Ryder

  2. The pool hall on the NE corner of 11th & State was Dick Schau's and in the basement - accessible from the outside stairway on 11th Street - was Hutch's Billiards.

    1. I was a friend of the Shau's and played there a lot! Question though: if you magnify the picture, you can see there is another sign that says billiards on the third floor. That had to have been before my time. Anyone remember that?

  3. I see the Sherman's sign that you were talking about in the other post. That store must have been there for a long time.

  4. I remember all those buildings but especially the "Nut Shop" could smell those hot nuts roasting! I remember the "Planters' Peanut Shop" also. They had a window where you could see and smell all the nuts. They had a "Mr Peanut" man dressed as a large peanut with a top hat, monocle, a cane and spats passing samples of their delicious peanuts. I used to beg mom for a warm bag of those delicious peanuts just before we hopped on the bus on tht corner to go was our special treat! I remember "Dixies' Hat Shop" too! Thats where mom got her dress up hats and I finally got to buy one when I was about 18 yrs. old. That was special and you got your hat in a round stripped hat box too!

  5. the Shoe shine shop was originally Gleco's the Kakoros Hatters

  6. For a long time I wanted to see a picture of this Koehler sign. Thank you!
    Another memory I would like to revisit visually is the old bandstand at the zoo picnic area. Who remembers that? I have a vague mental image but I would love to see a photo of it sometime.

  7. Kohler Beer Co. was fantastic to teachers and college students. They always seem to find an opening for a teacher or college student to make a few summer dollars.. It was a great place to work. The Magenau family took care of Erie people providing jobs and sponsoring just about anything that needed help.
    I worked in the keg department and was amazed that the employees drank beer during their eight hour shift. Across the street in bottling my job was to keep the refrigerator stocked for the lunch break. I never saw anyone drunk.
    I would walk the brewery building at night and would be enthralled by the beauty of the building and its brass and copper containers. It is a shame that the brewery was not saved. It was a great place!
    Thanks for the memories..

  8. Kent worked at Gleco's in the mid 50's.