Monday, May 14, 2012

Grants Outdoor Furniture 1972

Grants ad from Erie Press June 24, 1972.

Grants Fights Inflation

Nothing says summertime in Erie like a webbed aluminum chaise, a redwood picnic table, and an olive green hammock. And jarts. Everyone played jarts in the yard in the seventies, right?

Grants was located in downtown Erie on Peach Street, with entrances on West 8th and West 9th Streets. The store was so big that people would use it as a path to cut through to get from one street to another, especially when it was raining or snowing. 

The chaise lounges and chairs had webbing that scratched your legs if your wore shorts. If you had a worn out or frayed piece of webbing, you could go to practically any hardware store and get a replacement. And you could chose several colors, such as white, blue, green or yellow. 

Oh, and the aluminum chairs were light enough to throw in the back of the station wagon, ready for any picnic or drive-in movie!

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