Sunday, May 13, 2012

Moon Meadows 1979 Rock Festival

Flyer for concert at Moon Meadows.

Rock'n Roll Festival July 14, 1979

Summertime in Erie is the best time for music fans because there are concerts galore, including this one at the old Moon Meadows campground. These events were heavily advertised on the radio, and every record store had a stack of fliers on hand. 

Pittsburgh's Iron City Houserockers headlined the July 14th concert. "Love's So Tough" was a regional hit by ICH, featuring Joe Grushecky on lead vocals.

Six local bands rounded out the bill- the Bunnies, Griffin, the Frenchmen, Guardian, Justin Time and Easy. Three of the bands, the Frenchmen, Guardian and Easy, had or were about to release singles. 

Advance tickets were available at Razzberry's and NRM.

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