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Greetings from Wesleyville follows pioneer families and daily life in this Erie County, PA town from the 1820s to 2005 and “describes the importance of individual citizens in creating a community.” Includes old photos, maps and advertisements. Fully indexed. 484 pages, comb binding (2007). $35 Back in stock!

Greetings from Wesleyville Volume Two continues the theme of GFW and includes newly discovered information, old photos and ads, with spotlights on sports and families. One chapter highlights the military careers of the residents whose names appear on the Wesleyville Veterans Memorial. 263 pages, comb binding (2010). $30

Printed books are available in limited quantities from the author. Contact Debbi Lyon via e-mail at to inquire about prices.

Digital e-books are available online from and the links are as follows:

Greetings From Wesleyville Vol. 2 e-book

Wesleyville PA 100th Anniversary Booklet

I also have a very limited quantity left of the Old Time Erie 2014 Calendar. E-mail me for info.


  1. Wesleyville was a place i spent many years at, Coney Island in the 40s(coney dogs/burgers for $.10 each. Spent nites hanging out at Shaffners, worked 3/4 years at Century Food Market. My Dad worked at Borne's Meat Market as a butcher. Lived in the Harbor Homes when they were brand new. Yes, the good old days

  2. I still make ConeyIsland my first stop whenever I return to Erie. Remember when Gus died, a nice man, and his wife was great too.

  3. My family moved from Cleveland to Wesleyville in 1953 when I was two. I would escape the picket fenced yard and discover rusted treasures in the voids between garages, see my reflection in the chrome hubcaps of hotrods parked in front of the bars. My most unforgettable moment was when my sisters, brother and I ran screaming out of the Penn Theater when the Creature from the Black Lagoon leapt from the screen! We moved to Roger Young and eventually Harbor Homes. I joined the Navy and now live in Scotland. Wesleyville will always be in my heart.

    Mark Stanczyk

  4. I live in the 3600 block of Buffalo road wesleyville my house was built in 1900. I often wonder who lived there and what all happen there what good or bad things happened there. how many people died in the house. I seen a few odd things happen since being there the past 6 years. one thing that dates the house is thewre is gas lines running across up in the ceilings so they had gas lamps before electric came into use

  5. Debbie,

    My GGF Rev William Musser Courson was the pastor of the Baptist church in Wesleyville from 1918 until he passed away in 1932. His first wife Elizabeth Irene Thomas died in 1919 I believe. Was wondering if you had an church history that might shed a light on this for me. Thanks

    Michael Miller