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How to Remodel Your House:

Well, I can't help you with that, but I do know how to fix things around the house. I'm pretty handy with a crowbar, a hammer and a cordless drill. (I really just wanted to see if anyone actually looked at this page ;-)

Yes, that's me with my Black & Decker cordless drill. One of my favorite tools, but I should get something with a little more power.


  1. Debbi, I just want to say thanks for hosting this website/blog. I love seeing all of these old blasts from Erie's past. The pics and accompanying info from when I grew up in the sixties and graduated from Academy in 1970 take me right back to those times. I also love to see the pics and ads from before my time, showing how Erie looked then and what came before. Keep up the great work.

  2. I love seeing all the old news too. I'm 66, and was born and raised in Erie. Some of the pictures you post, I remember well. LOL
    Have a good one!
    God bless.

  3. Debbie,
    Did you ever hear of a restaurant called The Miami. I was cleaning my attic and ran across an old diary that I had back in the early '50's. I kept mentioning that we went to eat at The Miami. I do not remember it at all.

    1. Is it possible that it was the Miami Ice Cream Bar at 1004 West 26th Street? They appear in the Erie City Directory in 1948.

    2. Don't forget the Collage Inn on Glenwood Park Ave. In the 50's we used to eat there. We would get chicken in the basket brought right to our car door. Things were good in the old days.

      Thanks Debbie for the wonderful web site and the memories.

  4. Thanks for this great site! I grew up in Erie and many of these stories and photos bring back memories from my childhood in the '60s when there was still a thriving downtown. I believe I went to a museum or house back then that had a basement room from the underground railroad--might you know where that was? Thanks!

  5. Does anyone remember the huge ship docked (abandoned) at the Erie Dock back in the early to mid 60's ? I remember wanting to go on it as a kid, and remember the week or so it was towed away. The story was it was sold, left to the restoration place, but a storm came up while in route, out in the lake, and the storm sent it to the bottom. It was white and all wood. Knowing life as it is now, it was probably taken out there and sunk for insurance money.