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Have you had an unusual experience at Ax Murder Hollow, the Gudgeonville Bridge or other sites in Erie County? Heard any unexplained noises in your house? Seen something unusual in the sky? Consider sharing your stories with the readers of Old Time Erie. Send an e-mail to:

Is your house visited by spirits of former occupants? Do you wake up in the morning and find items in a different spot than where you left them? Did someone die under mysterious circumstances in your neighborhood? Drop me a line and let me know.

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  1. My family moved into a house at east 6th and perry when I was 12 years old. I knew from the moment I stepped into the house it was haunted. I was made fun of by my family for some time because I was the only one to see or hear the ghosts, yes I said GHOSTS because there were more than one! Things came up missing only to be found somewhere else. I seen at least 3 spirits. It got so bad sometimes I would shout at the ghost bugging me at that moment! Finally other family members came forward and admitted they were having strange things happen to them too.
    One blustery winter night my mom and I were watching tv and I heard a rythmic thumping sound and couldn't tell where it was coming from. I went downstairs to the basement thinking it was the furnace. It wasn't. I asked if mom heard it too, she did. Somehow I figured it was coming from outside. I went on the front porch and clearly heard horse hooves galloping on snow! I waited to see what crazy fool would be riding a horse down 6th street. Well the sound got closer and then further away as if it passed right by my house. Up to this point I had never heard the story of Mad Anthony Wayne, I mean about his bones being lost on the way back to Erie. You have to figure they went right by area. I was told he rides this way looking for his lost bones! Well I heard him, I have no doubt!

  2. Went on a church hayride in the early 60's. We stopped at Ax Murder Hollow to build a little fire and burn some hot dogs. We'd heard about the murder up in the woods but didn't think the house was still there. But after a time, some of the girls had to use the bathroom, so up we trucked into the woods on the OPPOSITE side of the road from where the murders supposedly took place. We took turns peeing and watching out, mostly to be sure the boys weren't sneaking and peaking. Suddenly we heard a loud crashing coming through the woods. I seriously didn't stop to look, just took off as everyone started screaming and running back to the campfire, but some girls swore it was a crazy looking old woman with ragged dark clothes and unkempt hair waving a stick at us to chase us out of the woods. Coulda been, I guess; I didn't go back to look. Some of the boys did, but they didn't go far. I always did wonder what that loud crashing through the woods was. As big as it sounded, it was no rabbit. LOL

  3. About the Gudgeonville Bridge, I knew the little girl that fell from the cliff that is suppose to be the screaming. She was a sweet child, one of two her divorced mother had. It was a tragic accident. Shame some have to sully the death of that sweet child by saying it was a drunken party and her mother wasn't watching her. It wasn't; it was a church group picnicking up there - and a finer kinder group of people I never met as when I went to outings with a friend who attended that church.

  4. About lights in the sky, we lived south of Hershey Road where the high power lines crossed Bargain Road. Now there weren't many times, but there were a couple of times we saw something very large flying over those power lines at night, stopping ever so often as if to draw power off of them. It made no noise, so it couldn't have been a helicopter and it went too low and slow for a plane. We never figured out what that was. It was shaped like a skinny triangle, and had lights all around the perimeter of it, but at far spaced intervals, not close together. It was larger than any commercial planes from that time. I'd say it was in the late 50s, early 60s. We never saw those lights before the power lines went in that I can recall.

  5. I've been to axe murder hollow. It's a densely wooded area. It is located just off Sterritania road,heading towards the old junk yard. It's a creepy too quiet place. The house foundation is still there,and the steps leading to the creek below. This place is pitch black at night. Your eyes won't help you at all. It defies logic to go there alone. So if your brave bring a flashlight,and a prayer. Happy Haunting!