Monday, December 28, 2015

Birdseye View West 6th and Peach

Aerial photograph of the Erie County Courthouse and surrounding area of West 6th and Peach Street in Erie, PA.
The Erie County Courthouse is the 'U' shaped building near the center of this photo. Old Time Erie history blog.
Here is a scene that has seen a lot of changes over the years. The Erie County Courthouse is the 'U' shaped building in the upper half of this photo. The part shown here is at 140 West 6th Street in Erie, PA, before the addition with the jail was built on West 5th Street. It would be interesting to find out how many thousands of people have walked the halls of the courthouse, appearing as jurors, filing a will or applying for a marriage license.

The bulk of this shot is between Peach and Sassafras Streets. Perry Square is in the center on the left, and below that is the old Greyhound Station on North Park Row.

Old Main, part of Gannon University, is partially hidden by trees, but the Erie Club at 524 Peach Street is clearly visible. The old First Presbyterian Church at 502 Peach Street is the one with the whitest roof and steeple. 

The Cathedral of St. Paul Episcopal Church is across the street from the courthouse. The triangle near the bottom right has seen the most change. It now contains green space, walkways and tall apartment buildings housing students attending Gannon University. 

LifeWorks Erie is now currently occupies the building at 406 Peach Street, visible in the very bottom right corner of this picture. The photographer was looking southwest more or less when this was taken.

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