Friday, May 9, 2014

Where in the World is Weigelville?

Detail from a 1900 Sanborn Fire Map at 26th & Brown Ave in Erie, PA.
Where in the world in Weigelville? It's right in our backyard, if you happen to live in the City of Erie, PA. "Weigeltown or Weigelville, as it is variously called, at the intersection of Brown's Avenue with the Ridge Road, was named after George Weigel, Sr., who bought fifty acres in 1833, and laid out the Ridge road front into building lots. The hotel at Weigeltown was long a famous stopping place for parties coming to and driving from Erie. The village was then a mile and a half from the original borough limits." -Nelson's Biographical and Historical Reference Book of Erie County (1896).

"During the year 1828, a colony of 'Pennsylvania Dutch' reached the township [of Millcreek] from Lancaster County, consisting of George Weigel, Martin Warfel, Samuel Brenneman, Thomas Mohr, Jacob Metzler and others, followed by Jacob Charles in 1829." -Nelson's.

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  1. I wish you had the whole map. I live in this neighborhood and grew up here. Would love to see it.