Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kids Raised Cash For Kennedy

Kids from the Schley Avenue neighborhood where Babe Harkins lived in Erie, PA.
The summer after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, the youth of Erie raised money to commission a bust of JFK to be placed in City Hall. Kids went door to door in their neighborhoods to collect money for the Greater Erie President John F. Kennedy Memorial Fund. Canisters were placed on the counters in local corner stores. Kids set up lemonade stands, had carnivals, bike races and other creative activities to add to the fund. Black crape paper was placed on old JFK campaign posters such as the one in the photograph shown here as the community was still mourning the death of the charismatic President Kennedy.

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  1. Great photograph, Debbie. God bless, President Kennedy....we could certainly use him today.
    Who remembers where they were when they first heard of his assassination? I was in Mrs. Allen's penmanship class at Wesleyville Elementary when Mr. Haener stepped in to break the news.