Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I Stuck My Neck Out For You Kids

Longfellow photo courtesy of the Erie School District.
"I stuck my neck out for you kids," said the giraffe.

"Why do you always have your nose in the air? Do you think you're too good for this class?" said the gorilla.

"You seem nice, but a tiger never changes its stripes," said the elephant. 

OK, enough of the corny one liners. The kids who are sitting on the floor painting were students at Longfellow Elementary School which was located at 509 West 8th Street in Erie, PA. The subjects, from left to right, include a gorilla, a tiger, an elephant and a giraffe. The students... who knows.

This scene reminds me of the art class that I used to take in the basement at the Erie Public Museum in the mid-seventies. We met at a nearby school for one summer. We used to listen to the radio while we worked on projects and there is one incident that sticks in my mind. The Charlie Daniels song "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" came on and one of the Borczons jumped up and started singing. This was pretty funny, but we were in hysterics when he played the air fiddle. He would have been a YouTube sensation if only we had a video camera (or access to the Internet). Then again, if I had this incident on video, I probably would have forgotten it long ago. 

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  1. You mention one of the Borczons, do you recall which one? If it's the same ones, I lived just down the block from the Borczons on W10th. St.