Saturday, February 15, 2014

Strong Vincent High School Aerial View

Taken from the air, looking southwest at Strong Vincent High School. Photo courtesy of the Erie School District.
Strong Vincent High School, at 1330 West 8th St. in Erie, PA, was built in 1930. This incredible aerial photograph shows how undeveloped and the area was. At one time all of the property north of West 8th Street that is visible in this picture was owned by Charles Hamot Strong. It's a neat coincidence that Strong Vincent was built on the Strong estate. C. H. Strong was a very shrewd businessman; he was president of the Erie & Pittsburgh Railroad Company in 1908, owned the Erie Dispatch newspaper and held an interest in many other ventures.

Actress Ann B. Davis graduated from Strong Vincent, as did Tom Lawless. Lawless played professional baseball for eight seasons, 1982 to 1990, for the Cincinnati Reds, the Expos, the Cardinals and the Blue Jays.

The Bayfront Highway follows the path of the old railroad tracks on the right side of this photo. The intersection near the upper right hand corner of the high school is 8th and Weschler. Reed Manufacturing is across the street from the school, a block to the west.

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