Thursday, January 9, 2014

Villa Maria Academy Circa 1903

The old Villa Maria Elementary School was built around 1892 on the southwest corner of 8th and Liberty in Erie, PA. The photo above was taken around 1903, before the houses were constructed on the north side of West 8th St. When Villa opened it had 85 students. Villa Maria Academy moved to a different location on West 8th in 1953. Villa Maria Elementary followed, moving to 2551 West 8th St. in 1993. The institutions are run by the Sisters of St. Joseph.

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  1. Boy, I remember that building, as I lived across the street in the house that is the U-Frame-It shop. Upstairs was a three room plus bath apartment, with an attic and a spare room on the third floor. From what I understand, the frame shop is still there.

  2. The house my parents lived in, and I was born in was about where the camera is at, on the North side of 8th St.