Sunday, January 12, 2014

Rosswog Fancy Steam Dyeing

Old Time Erie Rosswog photo ©Harry Bierig.
Julius Rosswog came to the U.S. from Endigen, Baden, Germany in 1888 and opened a fancy steam dyeing business at 1320 Turnpike St. in Erie, PA. He moved to a new building at the corner of 14th and Peach in 1892. His son, Robert J. Rosswog, bought the business in 1902. Julius died in 1905 at the age of 74; he was married twice and had eleven children.

When he was a young man, Robert learned the cleaning and dyeing trade from his father. He bought the building on 14th and Peach six years after he bought the cleaners, and then bought the lot next door so he could expand. He employed 12 people in his 40' x 90' plant after installing Hoffman Sanitary Steam presses.

The photo of the Rosswog family includes Karolina, Josephine, Amelia Brucker Rosswog, Julius Sr. and Robert Rosswog. The building shown here was demolished when Turnpike Street was eliminated.

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  1. I always knew of the building on 14th and Peach that had 'Rosswog Cleaning & Dye Works' on the side. I used to see it every morning on my way to school downtown. I have more pics of the inside, outside, the old delivery vehicles...from when my Great Grandfather owned and operated it. Thank you for posting/sharing this!!

    1. Very cool! Please send me a comment using the "Questions or Comments for Debbi Lyon" box on the right side of this page so I can contact you by e-mail. I'd love to see your photos and hear stories about the family business. Thanks for writing.