Friday, January 31, 2014

Rolling Stones And Smashing Pumpkins

Erie Daily Dispatch, September 13, 1870.
Rolling stones gather no moss, neither do roving boys. And when your aim is true, you might smash a pumpkin or two.

"On Saturday night a little daughter of Mr. William Mallery, had a children's party at her father's house on East 11th street, and a crowd of uninvited boys, about twelve years of age, congregated there to have some sport at the expense of those in the house.

Several stones were thrown at the building, some of them going into the hallway, where also, a small pumpkin fell and was smashed. Mr. Mallery ran out and caught one of the boys, to whom he administered a flogging.

Yesterday morning John Nugent, Henry Klitz, Jacob Klitz, Frank Klick, Charles Evans, Adam Harley, Christian Downer, Conrad Firch, George Siegel and Frederick Gudenburg, were brought up before Justice Griffith, looking nice enough to make a teacher feel proud of them. They admitted the facts as to the participation of each with commendable candor and the prosecutor and Justice were both disposed to let them off lightly. They were given good advice and discharged on payment of costs, which amounted to $1.15 each."

I don't see any mention of criminal charges being brought against Mr. Mallery for whipping one of the kids. Times sure have changed.

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