Friday, January 10, 2014

Ride Your Pony To The Stable and Vote If You Are Able

Ride your pony to the stable and vote if you are able. At Thomas Pickering's livery stable on 18th St. between Peach and Sassafras, customers could hitch their host to a post, head inside and vote for their favorite candidates. Pickering operated a business in the Sixth Ward, at a time when men could easily name the ward in which they resided. 

There were a couple of other unusual polling places in Erie, PA back in 1902, including the residence of Mrs. Phoebe Shadduck at 2425 German St.; Dunn's livery stable on the corner of 10th and Peach; G. P. Miller's barber shop at 610 West 6th St., Jacob Warfel's tool house in the Fifth Ward, Fourth District; and Peter Hellman's carpenter shop on 25th and Myrtle. 

Also Daniel Dougherty's store on the southeast corner of 6th and Ash; Michael Smith's at 14 1/2 East 5th St.; in a store building owned by Catherine F. Hancock at 125 German St.; A. Geiger's building on the southwest corner of 12th and Wayne; the office of Dwight J. Robbins and 17 West 6th St.; D. R. Beck's room at 1126 Walnut St.; Joshua Zuck's building on the northwest corner of 12th and Cascade St.; Frank Orsi's on Walnut between 16th and 17th Streets; C. Howard's on the corner of 2nd and Sassafras St.; Mrs. Serr's at 950 Brown Ave. and William Schroeder's building at 655 West 26th St.

There were six wards in the City of Erie in 1902.

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