Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Peter Pulakos Chocolates at 11th and Liberty

Peter Pulakos Tradition House at 11th and Liberty in Erie, PA circa 1955.
Peter Pulakos Tradition House was located on Liberty between 10th and 11th Streets in Erie, PA. Even though the picture shown above was taken in the fifties, a decade before I was born, something about it looked very familiar. I figured it out pretty quickly, thanks to Google Maps. The Salvation Army! I spent many hours there during the summer shooting hoops, playing bumper pool and eating pork rinds.

The Pulakos family started manufacturing and selling home-made chocolate and candy in Erie in 1903. Brothers Peter, Stephen and August Pulakos inherited Pulakos Candies business at 1108 State Street from their father, George P. Pulakos, in 1913. The brothers moved to 926 State Street in 1916. Peter Pulakos always considered the windows to be the eyes of the store, and saw to it that all his stores, including the location on Liberty Street, made the best use of the display space so it was visible from the street.

The old Pulakos building on the left still stands, but has a different sign on the front. It's now the center part of the Salvation Army at 1022 Liberty Street. The house on the right was demolished years ago and replaced with a two-story brick building.

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